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Going from 6.5" lift down to 4-4.5


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I recently bought a '93 xj with a 6.5 lift on 35's.i don't mind it, but it's impractical for family use. I want to drop it down to 4 or 4.5" of lift and use 33" tires. I'm looking for input, suggestions, experience on doing so. Any help is greatly appreciated.
A lot would depend on how it was set-up. Does it have long arms and any coil/leaf spring spacers. Pics would tell a lot!
Thanks for the reply, I figured I'd just put the question out there for a start, then respond with any info requested. Pardon my ignorance on this subject. I have owned several jeeps and my daily is lifted 3.5" on 31's but I bought it like that and I just do maintenance on it. I know the 6.5 lift has long arms, and the rear is supposed to be 4.5 RE springs with 1.5 add a leaf and shackles. I will get and post pics asap. Thanks again.
Id toss 3" coils in the front, remove rear spring pack install shackle relocation box with crown heavy oem leaf pack. You may need to to adjust rear lift taller with zero rate ada leaf or cutting short leafs to bolt in pack to fine tune heigth.
Steering can be stock. Front control arm droo brackets will realy help it ride like a stock oem heigth xj.

This will be in 3"height and will clear with BFH fender tuning. Will fit 31-33" tire. Bigger isnt necessarily better.

You may be able to sell for 5-7k then buy a a stock jeep and build it. Might be alot of hassles in a FUbAR xj. Easier to let someone else have the problems.

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