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Fuel Pump Help


NAXJA Forum User
Jeep was running fine, stop at a stop light sitting there idling and it just shut off. It will crank all day but will not start. With fuel pump out of tank still connected it does not turn on. Checked fuses and relays, all have power. No power at pump though. Hooked 12 volts direct to pump and pump works. HELP!!! It is a 96 I6 Motor, OBD2 system.
ok to add to the problem, when i turn the key on usually there is a buzzing and the check engine light goes on then once started it goes off. now i have nothing.tried to connect my code rader and it says link failed. i hooked it up to my 01 and it worked fine, then i tried without turning the key on and it said link failed. so my new ?? is,,, is my computer fried?