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front locker decision...

Which to Choose ?

  • Detroit Tru-Trac

    Votes: 13 34.2%
  • Lockright

    Votes: 25 65.8%

  • Total voters
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Since an ARB is outta the budget...I've narrowed it down to 2 choices.

Just curious in the court of public opinion....they seem to be equally priced for the D-30.
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Well,the Tru-Trac isnt a locker!
I've had both and I prefer the Tru Trac. It is not a true locker but a gear driven limited slip.It is invisible on the street and will do almost everything a locker will unless one wheel is off the ground,then apply a little brake.
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Like setting up gears??? I bet not. You can guess what I voted for.
Like setting up gears??? I bet not. You can guess what I voted for.

ahh....Time is on my side on this one. I have a 4.10 axle just waiting for me to take home from work.

AND if I take it apart myself...I got a buddy at work that'll do it for $50.00 in his back pocket, and he's one of the best in Portland.
Bottom line, if you want a locker, get the lockright. The true trac is a LS and it does not function as good as a lockright and the lockright is also invisible on the street.
What size tires are you running? 35's and above on a stock D30 I would go for the limited slip. 33's or smaller go with the lock right.
jeepme said:
What size tires are you running? 35's and above on a stock D30 I would go for the limited slip. 33's or smaller go with the lock right.
I'm in the smaller half of the equation.
I'd go for the TT simply because I did not like my LR. Sure, it hooked up offroad, and could climb anything I needed, but it also hooked up in 4hi in bad weather, and I wouldnt want my wife driving the XJ.

Also, even with GOOD synth oil, the sucker was still loud, and if the brakes ever locked up on the ice, it sounded like the front end was going to explode.

Again, I'd go for the TT.

It all depends what the XJ is used for and the trade-offs you can accept.

The TT is invisible in 2WD, and also 'smooth' enough to drive around in 4-hi with the rear driveshaft removed (if need be...I did need to -+500miles) Off road in my MJ it was great 85% of the time. (mostly muddy rocks in hilly terrain) Quite better than open, but as others point out... NOT a locker. I also had a spool rear pushing us along. On the road in what little snow I encountered, it was uneventful... enough to shift back into 2-hi to 'have fun' when the roads were clear of traffic.

The front EZ Locker in my XJ was invisible in 2wd also, I DD it along with the same spooled rear for 15k? +- but for the 100 feet of dry paved road & dirt shoulders after I shifted-on-the-fly @ 30 MPH, I felt more at peril than I have in a long time... I can't answer why I shifted into 4-hi either ;) I chalk it up to a bad idea that leapt upon me, and she jumped out the window just before the near-impacts. I added that to my list of "never again is too soon" stuff. I couldn't imagine driving on public roads in locked 4WD other than in thick- blizzardy stuff. Off-road it worked really well... world of + difference. Much wider turning radius, but once on it's line, it was great.

I like the idea of selectables... but for my $$$ (invested already,) I'm reusing my TT front & gears for my 90% dry/5% slick DD, 5% 4WD off-road 242 XJ... Maybe have to take a strap or cable here & there, but who doesn't...

the one on the right is for the 30

no tire limitations like the lock-rite

I have the tru trac...You may not think it is a locker...But it is sure a helluva lot more than a posi! It take an aweful lot of getting used to. It is completely open if it doesn't have any traction at all (snow, ice, etc.), But ride the brakes a little harder than you think you should...and BAMM...that baby LOCKS!

I wouldn't say it's good or bad, but it works for me. And it VERY well behaved on the road (undetectable).

rangerjoe2001 said:
no tire limitations like the lock-rite

The tire size that would jeopardize the Lock-Right's strength would have me more concerned with OTHER parts of a Dana 30 instead.

But that's just me.
If this is a DD and since you live in Portland (one of my favorite cities, assuming its Portland, Or), I would prefer the TruTrac since it provides the traction increase whenever it's needed. Having spent a lot of time in Portland, I know about your wet conditions and the occasional snow and ice. A true locker can get very interesting at times in such conditions when driven in 4X4 on the street. When I regear in a few months, I will be installing a TT in the front and a selectable locker in the rear. My wife also drives our Cherokee and she HATES surprises, especially the type of surprises that street driven lockers can provide. YMMV
I just installed a Detroit in the rear and a trutrac in the front. On the street it's nearly invisible. I get a little "heavy" steering wheel in fast corners, but its really not that bad.

Off road I haven't really learned how to use the trutrac well yet. It really acts open till you give it a little gas and some quick brake. I'm sure it will just take some experience to figure it out. :sunshine:

It's more like a lot of brake and even more gas! Then it really grabs. Mine felt open for several months until I learned how hard to ride the brake.