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Front end is making weird noise

Renegade Jpr

NAXJA Forum User
I recenty installed my RE 4.5" lift with .75" coil spacers. after the install I have thats *clucking* sound on the drivers side. It sounds like its comming from the upper conrtol arm, but its tight as hell. I went over all my control arms and they are not lose and are as tight as I can get them. I also tightened the hell out of my track-bar. It only happens when I hit a bump, so it has to do with the lift...what I dont know. HELP ME!
Are the shocks new. Check to see if if the eye of the shock is close to the cut out in the spring perch. It can hit there during compression. If you think this may be the source of the noise, try using a BPE for shock mounts
Look at these areas.

The clevis pin in the RE type disconects may be hitting the coil spring. If so, slip about 5/8" of rubber tubing over the pin before re-installing. This will get rid of a good part of the noise, but not all IF it is the cause.

LCA adjusted to short. This can cause the steel lip of the oem bumpstop to hit the coil.

Threaded retaining "disk" is too loose alowing internal slop in the flex joint.

Locking nut on adj. control arm loose. To check or tighten you may need to use a jack to release preasure on the arm. Keep an eye on the joints for rotation while tightening.
OK, thanks. I have fixed lower control arms and I think my drivers side bump stop got bent on the last 4wheeling trip. It looks like the whole damn thing is ben(the steel part that the rubber bumpstop connects to) its touching my coil spring on level ground. When my XJ was flexing, my front coils would constanly pop really loud, they hit the "lip" of the upper bump stop...that cant be normal is it? I was thinking of grinding it down or cutting it off some how.