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Weird noise at 40-60 mph, no idea what it is


NAXJA Forum User
Okay, so I'm at my wit's end and need some help. A couple of months ago, my 2001 XJ started making a strange noise (coming from the rear of the vehicle) at around 40-60 mph. I took it to the mechanic, and he thought it was the transfer case. We changed the transfer case, noise still there. We noticed that if we take out the rear driveshaft, and put it into 4WD (so the front axle is driving the car), the noise is gone. So we thought it was the rear axle, and that was replaced. Noise is still there. We also rebalanced the rear driveshaft, noise still there. We're running out of parts to change, and are thinking it's the transmission. Could it be anything other than the transmission at this point? Linked is a video with sound of the noise, does anyone here have an idea of what might be causing the sound?


Other pertinent information:
- Jeep has a 3.5" OME lift
- 1 ton steering kit
- Adjustable control arms
- Transfer case has been dropped
- Exhaust hangers have been changed
- Issues started a few weeks after 2" front spacers were installed to level out the car

Full invoice of all the parts installed: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1W50...ew?usp=sharing