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Front D shaft in rear


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Ive read every post on this subject but havent found a solid answer.

I want to do the "corvette CV yoke" style hack and tap on my NP231, it looks like it work just fine. But, I have a spare front AW4 XJ shaft here, and from all the posts ive seen its the shaft to use. However, all the write ups have had 4.5 or more inches of lift. Im running 2-3 inches. Is that shaft going to be too long?
What rear axle do you have?
It should work. It might be a little close because the 8.25 requires a shorter driveshaft. I'm at about 4-4.5 inches of lift with a Dana 44 which has the same length shaft and it's fine for me.
How much spline travel do you have before the shaft bottoms out? If you have specs at ride height, full droop and compression, youd be my new e-best friend!
Oh man can't help you there. I'm using the flanged hack n tap so no spline travel just travel in the slip joint.
Get some weight or people to load up the rear. Then measure the distance for the drive shaft. I had the same issue with using the front. the front would bottom out before it collapsed all the way. I just pulled it a cut off a 1/4" of the splined area and then it was perfect.