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RE Hack n tap Help


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So to sum it up I’m a dumbass. I ordered the RE hack n tap because the IRO is $300 to ship to Canada, basically the same as just a normal SYE kit. I ordered the RE one off 4wp not realizing that I needed the RE shaft as well as it has the flange. I was planning on just getting a front shaft from a zj or something but now I realize I need the flange thing to bolt it to the sye. Im wondering (a) how to measure to take into account this flange, and (b) which flange to buy so that I can use a shaft from a zj or something.

I measured from the centre of the u joint to the output shaft (if I cut it off leaving 1.5 inches of spline) and it’s just under 34, however I have 6 degree shims installed backwards so this thing is somewhat driveable with 4.5 lift. I’m going to turn them around so that the pinion points towards the tcase, and that means the distance will be shorter. Not sure how much shorter but if it’s going from -6 to +6 degrees I’m assuming it’ll be like an inch shorter? And with the flange I’m assuming it will be another 3/4 inches? Idk but I’d really appreciate any help here guys. Thanks.

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Use a Spicer 211229 flange on a stock XJ drive front shaft. Geometry was not my best subject in school, but -6* to +6* is probably more like a 1/4" length difference. I would not cut the t-case output shaft until you have all the parts and can dry fit the driveshaft.

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Yup that’s exactly what I need, now I’ve seen quite a few flanges like that (some for like $50 cad as it’s just the flange no centering yoke) but I don’t know if the bolts would line up. I was thinking that worst case ontario I just drill new holes in the RE flange so that the new one I buy fits?

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Okay so after freaking out and doing research, it looks like my screw up isn’t that bad. According to spicer there’s 1.625 inches Between the mating surface of the hack n tap and flange, to the centre of the u joint on the flange, plus about 1/4 to 3/8 after flipping the shims, total length should be around 32 inches but I’m pretty sure I can adjust that based off where I cut the output shaft so an xj front shaft should work. Thank you for the help I really appreciate it.

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