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Driveshaft question


NAXJA Forum User
Lyman, SC
hey i got a busted u-joint on my rear driveshaft which i had not checked for a while, so it eventually rubbed down the cv joint, but anyways my front and rear driveshafts are the same length and i was wondering if i could use the front in place of it for a temp fix, the rear is a tom woods cv shaft and looks identical to the front.
Here's a question:

I know it's important to mark the driveshaft when removing it to ensure that it is installed the same again for balance purposes. If he were to use the other shaft temporarily, how would you go about things? Just throw it on and hope it's good. I would assume if there's no problems with it up front that it would be OK in back?

Only reason I ask is that I am getting ready to order a SYE and CV shaft. I was going to hang on to my old one as a spare for my wifes XJ if anything ever happened. Theoretically, I should be able to install on hers and go right? Thanks.