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Need 35” Double Cardan Driveshaft


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First off, I am aware of Tom Woods, Denny’s and numerous sources for custom length shafts. Is anyone aware of any double carbon driveshaft that could be found in a junkyard that is 35 to 37 inch length with 1310 u joints? If you are interested in the back story, I’m using a 700r4 trans and a 241c transfer case and I need a longer shaft. My local shop can cut down a shaft if it’s over 35”, my required length. I can get driveshaft for $40 at u-pull-it but it looks like they are all too short. Thanks!
Google for this Spicer catalog: Spicer Double Cardan Constant Velocity Joint Assemblies J321CV DECEMBER, 2001

The Spicer catalog details various stock driveshafts. I have read somewhere that 1990's Ford Explorer front driveshafts may fit for some Cherokee applications.
Thanks for the link! It looks like the wrangler is a couple inches longer. I actually went to pick-n-pull today but both had bent front driveshafts from being picked up with their forklift :bawl:
The other thing to do is have your local driveline shop "re-tube" a driveshaft.

Find a driveline that has all the right joints your need and then have them put in a longer tube. It willl cost a bit more than shortening would, but still be cheaper than buying a brand new custom one.

For that purpose, one of those bent ones would suffice.