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driveshaft install


NAXJA Forum User
harrisonburg, va
am i gonna need any special tools to install my new tom woods driveshaft? i'm planning on doing the install tomorrow... just got done with a ford 8.8 rear:D . i'm learning as i go, so tomorrow will be my first experience with u-joints, driveshafts, etc.

i have the spicer flange adapter on the 8.8, this is really where i'm unsure (the front looks like it simply bolts on), how do i press the u-joints in the spicer flange adapter without any damage? i'm probably over-complicating this, but i wanted to be sure. thanks
Not familiar with spicer flang adapter. However I just put a Tom Wood's drive shaft in my 97 with an 8.25 and it was very simple less then 10 minutes. There was no need for pressing.
Good Luck