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doorman 800-714 alternative


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I am looking to find either A) a replacement quick-release clip for the doorman 800-714 transmission fittings. or B) an alternative fitting and quick release pair that will work with the stock hard lines. When taking my line out the clip broke and I can not find a clip by itself. Amazon used to sell the entire fitting with a clip for $9, but it has been discontinued there. Advanced/ autozone has it but charges $20/each and has to be shipped. Most everywhere else they are upwards of $40 and it seems like they are getting harder to find. i was able to replace both for $20 in 2018 but times have changed. Any help would be appreciated
Site says it will not fit a '96.
All I can say is the difference won't be on the transmission side. I don't remember which fittings I used, but I have a 2000 aw4 in my 95 with its original lines.
The clip you found is for the other end of the trans line where is goes into the radiator. They're also used on the fuel lines.

You could just try it. The 800-714 includes the metal fitting to attach to the trans housing. If yours is OK, you won't need it.

Amazon does show one in stock but it's $43 fulfilled by a 3rd party. Ships in 2-3 days.
Man, I remember when those were $7 each on rockauto back in 2010. I checked there yesterday and they were out of stock.