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WJ Power steering pump upgrade


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I started the WJ power steering pump upgrade on my 96XJ 4.0 this weekend. All the tech I have read indicated it was simple to remove the pressure line fitting on the stock pump, drill it out and screw it in the new WJ pump. As you can see the fittings are nowhere near the same size. The WJ pump I bought is for a 2002. I've looked on Rock Auto and local parts stores and all the pressure lines for the 01-04WJ show a 20MM fitting at the pump for the WJ and the XJ pump is 16MM. What am I missing here, any advise would be appreciated. My option is to have a pressure line built but I'm hoping someone has a remedy.

Did you get the V8 pump? You don't need to drill out the XJ fitting. I simply swapped the XJ fitting onto the WJ pump when I did it but I also had the Durango box.

PS you pic isn't loading.
I just did this yesterday:

Drilled out the existing XJ PS fitting hole to 3/16 and then transferred it over to the new WJ PS pump.
got my wj ps pump done last week ,had a psc 1205 pump that lasted 6 yrs , finally went out after lots of hard use. took the fitting out of the psc pump which they had it drilled out to 5/32 & swapped it over. i think the wj pump is a bit more power over the psc pump, but i have hydro boost brakes & used the smaller return port for that hose & was able to get rid of the T-fitting in the return to pump plumbing. i wheeled it hard w/ 38 ss for 3 days at a event it was quiet & strong.