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1991-1996 4.0 AC Air Conditioning drier to evaporator line


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As a final effort before I resort to making these, does anyone make the third flex line for the A/C systems on these trucks?

Every major parts distributor lists UAC, Four Seasons, GPD and Mopar numbers for the high pressure and low pressure lines coming off of the recharge valves at the compressor, but not the third flex line. Not sure if they do this for front collision market only? I find it kind of ridiculous to exclude the other fabricated lines, especially the high pressure side.

The line is a #6 size with about a 20° bend and 5/8 thread male fitting that goes into the expansion valve block at the evaporator core/ firewall, with a 90° bend at the drier side with a 3/8" NPT compression fitting going into the high pressure shutoff valve at the drier, which is screwed directly into the drier.

I'd love to just buy this line and be done with it, but if I have to make one, I will keep all needed information here.

This line is not a common fail issue, although it has a rubber section and is only a matter of time before they begin to fail. Especially with glycol based R-134a refrigerant used.

This line is also absolutely necessary for anyone looking to put A/C into a non AC truck within these years.

I have not checked, but this may also be an availability issue with the Renix trucks. They seem to have a different manifold style of fitting on the 1997-2001 models at the evaporator/ firewall, which are available as of 2022.

Anyway, if anyone knows where I can purchase this A/C line new, please let me know. It is going into a restoration, so I'd rather not resort to a used line.
Just looked on Jeep Air, and I think I must have bought the line for an 89-91 xj. Mine is an 88.

Did it fit? The factory parts manual does list different pn's for 87-88 and 89-90.
It did work, but I had to reuse the fitting that was on the old drier. Let me see if there's a way I can verify that was the one I bought for sure. I don't want to send in the wrong direction.