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Does this front diff sound right?


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I'm new to these things and hope you guys can help. Bought a '94 that wasn't running. Got it running and the power steering pump didn't work. Fixed that a drove it down to the BMV to get an out-of-state inspection, heard a clicking in the front end. Pulled the cover today and expected to find broken parts everywhere, what I found was maybe a shot glass full of fluid. I thought something was broke when I first turned the wheel (never been inside a diff before) but after looking at it it looks like it's supposed to function that way. Could the clicking have just been no fluid? Hoping to attach a short video. Thanks in advance for any and all input! 👍

That's just the auto-locker. your good to go!
I'm going to do all the fluids after finding this, hopefully I can find a thread telling me capacities and types of fluids. Any idea what rear this is, can't seem to find a match searhing through stuff?

Ok nevermind on the pic, it says I can't post attachments, probably don't have enough posts yet or something 🤬
Looks like a 8.25 with a Ruffstuff cover. Oil levels are kind of up to you to figure out because of many variables. The Ruffstuff tends to be to high!