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Need Part Number for Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder Dana 44 Axle


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Hi All,

I've swapped a '87 Dana 44 into my '92 XJ 4 door 4x4 I6 auto transmission Jeep.

I want to purchase wheel cylinders for the 10" x 2.5" drum brakes on this D44 axle.

The wheel cylinders presently on this D44 axle have the brake tube fitting that screws into them somewhat from the rear of the jeep rather than over the center of the axle. So two wheel cylinder types are required: right and left.

If I have a part number I can search the 'net (mostly Amazon or RockAuto). Please post P/N on this thread if you know.

Also part numbers for brake shoes and drums will be useful although for these the simple 10" x 2.5 description can do.
I don't have anything handy to confirm brake diameter/width. I have the finned drums if that helps.

When I did this in 2017, the p/ns for the wheel cylinders from Napa were UP 17507 and UP 17508. I don't know which one was which side.

I did not replace my drums. They were able to be turned, and I prefer old stock to new red chinesium. But I did buy the following hardware kits: AC Delco 18K573 Drum Brake Hardware Kit, 18K6 and 18K7 Drum Brake Self Adjuster Kits and 17481B Brake Shoes and Wagner BH123814 Hydraulic Hose. (Just to be clear, the preceding numbers are all AC Delco numbers except for the Wagner number.) I have no idea if those numbers are still valid. Those were 2017 p/ns at Rock Auto.
This help?
ETA: These are slave cylinder spares for the OEM D-44 on my MJ.


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