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dana 30 limited slip/locker options

jimmy forbes

NAXJA Forum User
i have a 89' with a lock right in the rear, and was wondering what the best option was up front. i would buy a true locker for the rear end, but i plan on getting a dana 44 soon because my next set of tires will be 35's. i was thinking of getting another lock right but i figure i will ask before i buy.
If you can not afford a detroit electrac (the new one...) then look at ox, if you cant afford ox, then look at ARB...after that, I would not reccomend a full locker in the front 30 (MO) but some get away with it....I reccomend the lockrite (NOT the no slip) or a quicklok from detroit (aka EZ locker, I think)
Have a lock right in the Dana 30 front and i don't recongnize it in 2 WD. Has hold up well up to 35s but with the 38.5s it started jumping teeth. Will replace it in a few days with a detroit locker.
I use a full detroit in the front. The benefits of a full detroit instead of the lockrite or others is that the full lockers use a complete carrier that is designed for the stress. Part of the major downfall of the D30 is a weak carrier.