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currie hp 60 rear

Probably about an inch or two less. It will be hard to compare because tire size will impact clearance. Not many high pinion 60s running 35s.
You can shave and clearance alot off the 8.25.

Advantages to dana 60s aren't really clearance. But that does sell a few currie housing to jeepers

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My Rock Jock 60 has more clearance than the shaved 8.25 it replaced - I lost the measurements I took back then, but the 60 has 10 5/8" clearance with my 35's, and that's with the skid plate under it.
There's more to it than that, the bottom of the Currie is smooth from front to back.
I'll measure my 8.25.

I've shaved and plated it front to back. So its pretty smooth front to back

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thx for all the info, it sounds like the currie will have a little more clearance than my shaved 8.25. i run 36 super swampers. ordered the hp 60 1 month ago, they said 3-6 weeks to build it ? i hope thats true, we will see . last year i put a dynatrac hp prorock 44 on the front, took 3 months to get it. the waiting is the hardest part. as tom petty said.
Pics man pics.

Thats badass would love to see your rig. What othere stuffs on it im jealous of.

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Here's my pics anyways for otheres.

With 33s running 15psi not sure how tall they measure.

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As noted the “clearance underneath” is a kind of worthless dimension. How far below axle tube or axle center is that diff?
well i found out that both the 8.25 & the currie 60 rear both measure 6" from center line of tube to bottom of lowest part of diff. but driveshaft on 60 will be 2" higher & i gain 10" r &p, bigger tubes, bearings & 35 spline shafts. hot damn.
Shaved and plated 8.25 no where near as cool as a rr60. But does now slide over rocks better

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