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Check out what I found!!


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Flagstaff, AZ

Found this book at a local used book store. Published in 1963, and the note on the inside cover is from 1964. I'll have to look through some other, modern books and see if I can reference any of the old trails to the current ones. One more book for the Jeep collection :)

Awsome! I want one!
Me too!
What is really cool about the book is that:

1) Original printing

2) The note to old Jeeper on the inside cover. " Happy Birthday to Dwight- I know you have found some of these towns in your Jeep, so hopefully you can find some more with this book. Mother-1964"

3) Pictures!! An old CJ-2A and a military Jeep of some type.

I was just browsing through and one of the towns it talks about is Old Ophir. I can't wait to go camping and searching for some of these places.