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Camping or Hotels?



Are we going to try to get a group campground, or is everyone on their own? After CO I think that I'll refrain from helping to pick a spot, just curious as to wether I should start making reservations or not.

Last couple of years, our "HQ" has been Slickrock Campground (1 800 448-8873 http://www.moab-utah.com/slickrock/campground.html) - it'll be the same this year too.

Combination of cabins, tent sites, and RV sites.

Some folks stay at motels and B&B's in town, but the majority have been at SRCG.

Mike in NJ
Slickrock is where the "cool" people hang their hats at night :D They have all the amenities: nice showers, laundry, hot tub, pool.

Correct - about a half mile south of the bridge on 191. There's another motel and another campground between SR and the river, but it is definitely north of the town center.

I'm not usually a "formal" CG sort of camper, but this place isn't bad. And, being surrounded by the rest of NAXJA, it's makes for a "happening" place in the evenings! Campfires, beer, and the smell of electric arcing! (or the thrill of watching Bones rebuild his 4.0 liter on a picnic table).

Mike in NJ
Isn't there also a big pile of radioactive tailings just on the other side of the river? That should give off a nice glow at night. Maybe it'll help Bones see a bit better.

Hotel, motel.... Is Eddie McStiffs still open? Boy do they make a great Razzberry Wheat!