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Camping at Slickrock


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San Bruno, CA.
How many vehicles per campsite are allowed? What are the rates? I'm cheap and am going out there alone, would like to share a spot with someone if possible.

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Here's their website....check it out.


Richard G
Hi Jes, I'm going alone and as you can understand, cheap too. I have only paid for 7 nights worth of camping in the last 2 1/2 months, but it is worth it to be in the middle of all the fun at Slickrock.

I'll be in Moab at the beginning of October, you can leave a message on my cell phone, you still have the number, right?
Alex, I don't have your #. If you see this, PM me or e-mail me.
And glad you made it back o.K. from your 200+ mile solo hike.