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Bolts on front brake caliper!


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85 XJ front brake caliper mount bolts. How many are there and what size and type are they? I tried my star sockets and they did not fit.
no, these look like.......

My star bits but the 1/2" is too big and the 7/16 does not even go over it. It almost looks like its a 12 point star head. anyone? What is soo irritating is that I have had the calipers off my 84 b4 so I know I have teh right socket just cannot seem to figure out what it is!
Right off hand I want to say that its a 11mm 12 pt wrench that gets those off. If it's not 11 then it's pretty close. Btw, a 6 pt wrench won't work.
The caliper bolt heads are one thing that change frequently during a production run, even within a model year.
Not just for Jeep, but for GM and other mfrs. I just played that game with my Grand Am.

And, you never know what the previous owner or mechanic might have used as a replacement: Allen, torx, 12 point, whatever.

Also, the '84 was a bit of an orphan, what with the CV joints and all. Stuff that works at the front axle ends for the '84 won't necessarily work for any other XJ.