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BLM Designated Wilderness Area?


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Does anyone know how BLM designates private property as wilderness area? Can private property be designated as WArea even if adjacent land parcels are private property and connected to non WArea?
I would think the private property would first need to cease being private property.

What is the point of private property if the government can suddenly declare your yard as a wilderness area? It suddenly ceases to be yours.
Doesn't fall under eminent domain, so constitutionally they can't. You know that thing that used to rule our Democratic Republic?
ChatGPT says...
The designation of wilderness areas typically falls under the purview of government agencies responsible for land management, such as the U.S. Forest Service, the National Park Service, or the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in the United States. These agencies follow specific procedures outlined in laws such as the Wilderness Act of 1964, which provide guidelines for designating and managing wilderness areas.

Designating private property as a wilderness area would require a complex process involving legal considerations, environmental assessments, public input, and often congressional approval. It typically involves the purchase or acquisition of private land by the government, either through negotiation, purchase, or donation, followed by the formal designation of that land as a wilderness area.
Yeah, I read up in the Wilderness Act and it says something to the affect of private property is surrounded by Wilderness land, the BLM is required to allow access but access is non-motorized only.

This is out near Salt Creak Wash/Chocolate Mountains bombing range. BLM’s land use maps show my property AS Wilderness Land but there is a private parcels that is adjacent to mine and connects to public road access. So I want to figure out who owns the parcel and ask them what they intend to do with it. Maybe get a legal agreement to access my property with a vehicle (there are no roads going to my property since it’s all desert mountain/hills).