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Arrowhead Campground

Would you like to stay at Arrowhead for COFest 2011?

  • Yes

    Votes: 4 22.2%
  • No

    Votes: 1 5.6%
  • Doesn't Matter to Me

    Votes: 2 11.1%
  • Enough Buena Vista already! Go somewhere else!

    Votes: 11 61.1%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


NAXJA Forum User
Aurora, CO
The owners of Arrowhead seemed fairly impressed with our group and are willing to have us back next year if we want to use them again. What did you guys think of the campground?
While the campground worked out fine, especially the pavillion, it has been suggested that we look at Montrose for next year. From Montrose, the San Juan trails would be an hour or less away, while there are quite a few hard core trails that also less than an hour away.

I was going to vote "yes", but Tom's comment changed me mind!:scottm: San Juans for the f'n win in 2011!:cheers:
I'm down with Arrowhead if we stay in BV, but I've been itchin' to get back to the San Juans for quite a while now. Colorado beauty at it's best!
hell ya! montrose FTW!!!!

then us front rangers can see how them west slopers do it up!
(and gives me excuse to build the jeep a LOT more)
not gonna lie as i scrolled down and saw a bunch of exclamation points and big bright red letters......

i was expecting it to say "BOOBIES!!!!!!"

I'm for the western slope, but if the camping is in Montrose, I'll meet you up in the San Juans when you do the trails. I like the town, but it's too hot.
Montrose...F%*# YEAH!

There is one particular trail in that area I'm dying to run...Boulder Alley.

Though I can nearly guarantee I'de be the only one in the group able to even remotely get through it unless maybe Kaz showed up (basically buggy, and very well built buggy, only trail).

Otherwise GJ is only about an hour away from montrose as well, so for the more "hardcore" crowd 21 road and Billings could be options too.

I'd be in for some scenic stuff too :D
If it's BV, Arrowhead was much better suited to our needs, but I'm hip to a little San Juan lovin'.
Don't count mine as a vote cuz I'm in the Sierra chapter, but I'd still like to join you next year. It would be nice to try some difficult trails I haven't done in CO. Is there a way to camp closer than an hour to the trails? Just have to get groceries & plan beer for a week. I may be the only one that liked Chalk better but less of a hill to get to the group area, lots closer to almost all the trails, bar a block away, nicer setting next to the river, some RV guys can be right next to our group area. If we would have dropped oil at Arrowhead, how do you think that manager guy would have treated us? Look what he did when we played some music at my BBQ. Just some thoughts.