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anyone running ProComp tires


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I'm strongly considering a set of 31 x 10.5's for my 2000XJ. My first choice is the All Terrain's, but I'm curious on how well they will clean themselves on "light mud" not the "I'm glad I have a winch stuff".
Secondly, I would consider the Mud Terrains, but this is a daily driver and 97% of my driving is on-road. I know they will (should) clean themselves better, but I'm concerned with tread noise, bad ride, hydroplaning, and excessive wear.
Any input? :confused:

I ran a set of the old style 33 inch MT Procomps. They are too noisy and harsh compared to my BFGs. A good buddy of mine runs the new style in 35s. Prices have gone up to almost what an MTR is going for and he doesn't like them enough to spend the money for another set.

I've run MTs for several years. I had little to complain about running 32 inch BFG MTs and now I'm running 35 inch BFGs. When they wear out I'll try the Goodyear MTRs or go back to the BFG.

I ran a set of GoodYear ATs on my mildly lifted ZJ (no lockers) and the combo worked fine except when the mud got deeper than I should have been playing in. When they loaded up with mud, that was IT
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Cooper makes the tires.I bought the same thing (mt's) from "Pep-Boys" for a way better price.I ran them for a year and a half,I really liked them!
ProComp tires

What really caught my eye, was the 25% off that they are advertising right now (buy 3 - get 4th free). 4whlparts has them at $120 ea (shipped). If I pay shipping on the fourth one, it should be ~$371 for 4 @ 31 x 10.5 x 15" AT's.
About another $60 if I want MT's. But if they are loud or pain-in-ass, then I'll prolly go AT's ;) .
Thanx for input so far,

Understand that I find the old Pr¯Oomp MTb.loud &°aarrh. ~ot ` prþflem wi$m BFG Mt and from all reports it's not a problem with the MTRs.

Buy 3 get one freeðms a go_g ddal.ð]hat thô%hebk, èe ynu fxod out you don'Ô*like'em you can always give them to your brother-in-law
the AT's clog up quickly in any mud. IMO they are even worse then the BFG AT's in mud. A guy in the Black Hills club runsd them and they look like a car tire to me. A freind at school has the older Pro comps and they sem to be pretty hard. He's going back to retreads when they wear out.
I have a set of the ATs and MTs. The ATs have been pretty good for me in Mud. Anything gooey and more than halfway up the tire and the ATs start loading up and spinning. As long as the mud wasn't super sticky, theve cleared themselves out fine. I did the buy three get one free about a year ago and theyve worn really well. I love the 50K warranty. The onroad ride is is fine, a little bit of a hum at 70+ mph, but pobably no more than any other AT. The traction in snow is great if that is a concern to you.

The MTs are unstoppable offroad. The onroad ride is definitely louder, but not really bad. Some more aggressive MTs sound like every lug is loudly slapping the pavement. These just hum a little louder, especially while braking.
Pro Comp MT's

I have the ProComp MT's and so far so good. They are not loud at first but after getting some chunks out of them are starting to be noticable. Nothing annoying though.
Mileage so far seems to be going good as I do a LOT of driving, being on my daily driver. Traction off road is great, however it would be nice if the side wall was a little more aggressive. I like the BFG lugz on the side and have seen them work pretty well.
I wish they made the Xterrains in 265X75x16's. I will probably go to those in a larger size or BFG MT's next time around.
I forgot to mention something. The Ats are really small for a 31. I think the measured height is 30.2 inches if it matters. Its a noticeable difference in height compared to my frineds BFG ATs, but I suppose it helps out in the mileage/power dept.

The MTs measure a true 31 inches.
ProComp tires

I talked to the Michigan Distributor for ProComp tires today. He referred me to a dealer not too far from work. He told me that the Xterrains were quieter than the MT's. He said the MT's were REAL loud on the freeway (maybe everybody has their own tolerances ;) The Xterrains would probably be way overkill for the type of wheeling that I anticipate,....especially since mine is a daily driver.
It sure would be nice to hear a set of the MT's (on-road) so I can make-up my own mind. The AT's are 100% adaquate for 97% of my driving....maybe I'll just get a set of off-road tires for those "special occasions" :D
Anyway the local dealer can get them overnite and they are $419 mounted & balanced, out the door for a set of 4 (31 x 10.5 x 15). If I can't find a better tire at a similar price, then I'll probably go this route.
I have another set of stock Jeep rims (16" x 7") that came on my 2000 Ltd. I may look at a set of 255 x 70 x16" in another brand. The Bridgestone Revo's (AT) had pretty good write-ups on Tirerack.com Price was very reasonable too, about $100/tire + shipping & mounting/balancing would take me to ~$525.

I'm still open to some more suggestions, trying to keep it to $100/tire + mount/bal.
i run the x terrains on my jeep and love them. it is a daily driver and the tires make a little noise or maybe it's because i stripped my interior in prep for a cage. these tires throw mud but i mainly go to the desert where i have seen the biggest gains in traction. there is a 30 story dune called patton i could only get half way up with all terrains aired down. with the x terrains i have been to the top and shot across the face of the dune. also i have not got stuck yet with these tires.
Go to Pep-Boy's.I've got a set of the 31x10.5's AT's that I never used.I origanally went with the 30x9.5 MT's on 15" rims.Then I went back to my 16" rims w/ 265/75/16 MT's.