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Aftermarket gauge mounting


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Anybody have good ideas on where to mount aftermarket gauges that looks good? I have my oil pressure gauge in the poverty panel next to the dash, but im going to swap that for a temperature gauge and mount my fan switches there. I would put it where the power point is but I like having my charger/Bluetooth receiver there. Not a fan of A pillar mounts.
For '95 and up there is a replacement for the upper half of the ignition shroud on the steering column which will accept a guage.

If you have a '94 or down you could look into a universal steering column gauge pod. I am not sure how well that would fit. Those were mostly employed on '60s or earlier muscle cars which had simpler steering columns.
I'm trying to figure this out myself but am wanting 2 or 3 gauges (oil, water temp and volts if I can fit it cleanly). I wouldn't mind pillar mount if someone made a full replacement panel, not wanting to cut or put holes in the factory piece. I have found that the XJ aftermarket is very slim other than suspension and bumpers/armor. I'd like to see full interior plastics/dashes, instrument clusters (big demand I would think, given the idiot light clusters on many XJ's), door/quarter panel glass, all seals/weather strips (huge one in my opinion) etc. being offered. The XJ is not showing any signs of slowing down in popularity.
Yes, I would like oil pressure, water temp, volts, and eventually trans temp. Part of the problem is there just isn't much unoccupied space in the dash area. My problem specifically is since it's my mail jeep I've even more limited because I often have to keep stuff on my dash, and it's rhd so already different. It is a 95 btw.