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87 Renix XJ No fuel, No brake lights, cranks fine

OK, I got some help today and we hot wired the fuel pump, with 12.3 Volts delivered directly to the fuel pump and we hear a click, and then nothing, no fuel flow.
Pull the power and we hear another click, both sounds from the fuel pump. But there is motor/pump running sound and the fuel rail is still bone dry.

So I need to order a new fuel pump and assembly (what are the latest best options folks?).
Replacing what I suspect is the 1987, 290,xxx Miles OEM. Also I think the tank is full.
So do you all have any recommendations for draining some of the fuel?

The only way to remove the fuel is with another electric pump hooked up to the outlet and using it to fill some 5 gallon buckets. Hopefully one bucket will be enough. Be careful with sparks and gasoline.
Let it go, Tim.
Tim is Bent.

Trying not to feed the wrong wolf I bet.
I found a post of mine from 2010 (I hard forgotten about it), https://naxja.org/threads/87-90-fuel-pumps-renix.1048534/
where I fixed this problem at the face plate of the fuel pump assy and the quick connector 14 years ago on the 87 Wagoneer (I don't even recall doing it) just 2 years later on my daughters 89 I had the CLUE (I do recall that one, it happened at night in the packing lot..) LOL.
Looks like I may finally have some help soon.

That said, if the fuel pump in the tank needs to go, be replaced, I need to suck fuel out of the tank through the in tank pump, check valve and filter first, because it is full, too full.... to remove the in tank pump assy.
So that takes an external fuel pump (Cruser54 is right). Thinking why not just install an external fuel pump and
go with that...
Any one ever done that as a permanent Renix fix? Did it last?
What is the fuel hose ID at the fuel pump side and the steel line on the 1987-1990 Renix jeeps?