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30 days till MOAB


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Lynden, WA
30 days till Fall Fling. It is crunch time. Who is still in? What are your plans? How long are you there? Where are you staying? What do you have let to do? Is anyone else excited as I am?

1. I am still in (with the whole family).
2. Plan is to drive to Moab and have a bunch of fun in the Jeep!!
3. We will be there for a week (Sunday - Sunday) planning on taking 3-4 days to get there and back (probably work along the way).
4. We got a 3 bedroom condo with a 2 car garage.
5. Way longer of a list than I want! (in order of priority)
Put the transfer case back together in the Jeep (2 low kit is in).
Change all the fluids and greese all of the joints in the Jeep.
Change the oil in the tow rig.
Vacuume (Clean) the Jeep and Tow rig.
Check the wiring for the roof lights on the Jeep.
Make a few modifications to the trailer (box and load leveling bars).
Re-groove the tires on the tow rig.
Re-seal 1 or 2 of the wheels on the Jeep.
Wax the tow rig.
There are others (packing, etc) but I don't count that stuff.
6. Yes, I am at least as excited as you are!!

I'm still in. I have some stuff to take care of on the Jeep before I go, but nothing major. Mostly cosmetic stuff. I'm going to pop out a few new dents I acquired from the PNW meet & greet. If I have time, I might even re-paint it to cover up all the scrapes.
No one else??????

Looks like NWHBC will be representing NWC.

1 I am in like Flynn

2 Wheel, BS, Explore, Geocache, and win a Jeep

3 Not long enough. 6th-12th

4 Slickrock Cabin 13

5 Nothing, you can't fix perfection

6 Of the 30,000 views 29,647 are from me :D
I'm still in. Being on strike will suck my funds pretty heavily, but I'm willing to Visa-wheel just to make it happen. Staying in Slickrock Campground with Matt, Jeremy, Hans and Ryan, bunking with Matt, forget the cabin number. I'll be heading down on Friday, likely stopping to visit a buddy in Boise along the way, maybe pop over to Colorado to visit another. Planning on staying the week through Saturday, then heading directly home.

The XJ is pretty good to go, I have an issue with the T-case popping out of 4-low, I need to check out the linkage and either straighten or replace it. I destroyed both rear flares and acquired a new door dent at PNWJeep-fest, so I'll deal with both of those issues over the next week or two as well. Other than that, swapping the MTR's back on and changing the oil is about it, less packing for the trip.

Very much looking forward to it. Got a chance to meet Brandon from Crawl, whom I'm sure I'll be seeing plenty of down there along with the rest of the Crawl crew that heads down for the event.
Ba-Riedo said:
Hopefully Hans wont knock another flare off of his jeep like he did at NWF, that was some true carnage. :confused1


Preventative maintenance can go along way ;) !!!1
Ba-Riedo said:
Like making sure leaf spring bolts are tight? :rolleyes:


That reminds me are you going to replace the one I LOANED you :D :jester: j/k
XJourney said:
That reminds me are you going to replace the one I LOANED you :D :jester: j/k

I have two spares now, as well as a full set of spare U bolts, lets go wheeling. But its your turn to break something this time.:spin1: Oh and let me know when you break your DS taillight, Ill give you a new one. :wave:

Im pretty sure Im out, My Jeep wont be here untill 2 days before the day I would have to drive up there. I wont have enough money anyway. I dont trust my Jeep with only 15 miles since I have had every single bolt off the whole jeep, I know something will need wrenching and I wont have the time or part. I also havent had a chance to test drive my F350 to much yet and I bet it will only get about 15-19MPG towing the jeep. In diesel that is too much for me.

I'll make it up there one year, just not this one.
OD-XJ said:

I you were a real wheeler, you'd just drive the Jeep that's in your garage. :)

If you were hardKore you would drive your jeep, not tow it. :piratefla :viking: