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260 axles to 297

I hate to admit this but, How do one determine if one has 260 or 297 axles? My XJ uses the the bigger of the two 'U' joints. This I know from buying a pair from a auto parts store. At what year did the change over take place?
already said but the 95 YJ is the only vehicle that had a vacuum disco with 297's. Good luck finding one though. I finally found one using www.car-parts.com. I talked to several places and several of them said it was a 95 but turned out it wasn't. A 297 will have a cap diameter of 2 3/16" and 260 will have a cap diameter of 2 1/8". Make sure that they verify this for you.
You can as mad maXJ said get 95 YJ ones but also any ABS equipped XJ from 89-91 that has a vacumn disconnect axle should also have 297's.

260's Small Dia. Cap 1.060"

297's Large Dia. Caps 1.187"