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242 TC and front locker


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Tacoma, WA
Can you run something like a lockrite up front if you have a 242 selectrac TC? If you're using this on the road for snow/ice in 4wd, would this cause a problem?

I think the locker only works when power is applied from the driveline, right? If so, it seems a selectable locker would be the only option.

You can run an automatic locker up front as long as you don't run the t-case in full time mode on the road. With a full locker up front and in any front drive mode it will make steering tough. Not too bad off road but would be bad on highway.

If you want a locker and to be able to use full time then a selectable locker is the only way to go. If you don't need a full locker you could go with a TruTrac limited slip up front and not have to worry about the steering issues.

Bones :skull1:
Yep it will work. I have detroit EZs front and rear with my NP 242 and all is good. It is basically invisable in 2wd with the exception of the binding when full lock turns are done on pavement. If you are worried about driving in snow with it I would recommend a LSD or selectable but each to their own.
I personally have no problem driving in ice and snow with mine but wouldnt want my wife to try it...;) I made several trips over the passes last winter and never even had a problem. One time I can remember watching the headlights sway from one side of the road to the other and I am sure the locker was to blame but it didnt slow me down...65mph on unplowed compact snow and ice with major potholes from truck chains. But for driving down here with no snow, go for it.