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2017 - What do the members want to do?


NAXJA Member
NAXJA Member
Sandy, UT
It appears that the Intermountain Chapter will continue for another year. Now, what to you as members want to do this year?

I heard one suggestion that we post up any 4-wheel or off-highway activities we hear about (such as Winter on the Rocks, RM Offroad swap meet, etc.) on our site with an opportunity to attend as a group.

We posted a year of trail runs and meet & greets last year, but the attendance was underwhelming, to say the least. Do you want to continue these activities?

Please post up and let the officers know your thoughts. Thanks, Sandy Steve
I will be at winter on the rocks if anyone wants to hang out. Kinda sucks you have to sign up for trails though. Riding with a friend trying to get him to join. My rig should be finished before March ends so after that I'm down with anything.
I know I just moved out of the IC, but my biggest struggle was having to drive 2-3 hours minimum to get to anything the IC ever did. I don't know if there are more folks up north that would make it worth while, but having the option for things in areas other than near 5-mile would be kind of nice. Though, after a few times of saying I was heading up any of the dozen canyons along the ID/UT border and getting no responses, I stopped looking for cohorts and just ran solo. Maybe you will be better luck this year.
We should have better luck in 2017. The president is "up north" on the UT/ID border and we have had a couple of posts from newbies from that area. We are just waiting on more suggestions and interest before attempting to rough out some kind of schedule for meet & greet and trail run activities. BTW, a couple of years ago we did 2 runs up "north". The first was to the Paris Ice Caves and the second was out to the Spiral Jetty area. So, we have been trying to have events spread across the ICNAXJA area. And, thanks for the input. Sorry you left the area.
I'm just over border from y'all. So any Moab runs or exploration of dirt roads/river beds in western Utah would interest us. Whether we show up in the jeep or taco is a different thing.
Well, I'm in South-central Idaho just outside some really great trails in the South Sawtooth mountain range. If anyone wants to come discover some nice trails and hang out this summer, let me know.
We are going to be in the northern Idaho area in a few months. We will be putting in a lot of miles in the NWC but also be coming down your way. I will be posting in here a NWC as we are coming through the areas if anyone would want to explore with us.
I'd like to see another Paris Ice Caves run, where I missed the last one.

I've also never had the pleasure of driving the Vernal area trails.

Sand Hollow would be a great 2-3 day event.