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2003 Winter Fun Festival Update 11/19/02


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Vancouver, WA
The date is January 17th-19th. I need some more people to help trail crew the Sunday runs. Jes has volunteered to lead one trail and I'll lead the other. Anyone who helps trail crew gets into the event for half price. If you don't already belong to the California Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs (CA4WDC), you'll need to join.
More info on the CA4WDC web page.

Click on 'events' then look for the Winter Fun Festival write up.

The reason I'm posting now is so people can put in early for the time off. I recommend taking the 20th off (Martin Luther Kings birthday). Last year we didn't get back to the Fair Grounds untill 11pm. :shock:
This sounds suspiciously like snow wheeling........yuk!

Ill be moe than willing to help out, just let me know. Last year was an absolute blast and Im looking forward to going back again this year.
Mad MaXJ, the River Bottom Games are no longer going to be at Greenhorn. Tom hasn't said where the games will be held this time.
MJDan and I are planning to attend again this year........as long as there are no Hummers to dig out :lol: If you guys don't mind I'd like to show you how a MJDan built Samurai on 33"s floats on the snow :D
Hey Keven,
My wife and I are planning on coming for it this year. We'd be more than happy to help, even though we're not familiar with the area. Let us know what you need.
Thanks for the offers to help everyone. The trail crews responsibilties are to keep everyone together and maintain radio contact with the trail leader (usually by relaying messages back and forth). The groups should be about 30 rigs each and we'll mix in about every 5 or 6 rigs. Make sure you have tow points front and rear and at least one tow strap.
Check out the CA4WDC web page for vehicle requirements.
Remember, you'll have to join the CA4WDC if you're not a member because of insurance reasons. :roll:

I'll post more info here as I get it.
What is the trail like?

Can you post more details on the run?

The poor old xj has not moved in about 2 years now. I promised my daughter that I would take her on a run this year so January would be about as long as I can postpone.

Heck, I am going to get a can of raid to kill all the spiders before I start working on it to get it ready.
I looked at the link...

Sounds like a fun run. I was a little confused about lodging. Are there hotels around? I like to camp but freezing my rear is no fun.
Freezing not all that bad.:mrgreen: There are links on that page for a list of motels in the area. Camping at the fair grounds is about $15 a night and electrical hook ups are available.
I was wondering what would be a good trail for me adn my dad to run. I have a cherokee with 5" of lift and 32 bfg mt's with a tracklock rear. my dad has a cj7 with 2.5 " and 31 at's. any suggestions?
If you have some experience in the snow, I'd say sign up for a moderate run. Keep watching this forum for some pre-runs coming after the first snows. :mrgreen:
My writeup from last year on 4x4wire.com

it started off a moderate run...


more pics here (first of 3 albums)

Ah yes, you guys were the ones still out on the trail while we were all partyin' Saturday night. :mrgreen:
We had our own adventure Sunday. :wink:

Kevin, if we are planning on being part of the trai crew, do we go ahead and register like normal or is there any thing else that needs to be done first or noted on the registration packet to let the registration comittee know that we will be part of the trail crew?
I should be receiving some resistration forms for the trail crews shortly. Send me your mailing address back channel and I'll get one to you as soon as I get them. I'm not sure, but there might be a field on the regular registration form for trail crew attendees.
For some reason I can not log onto the naxja website so I can not get your email address, shoot me a email so I can get back to you, :? :?: [email protected]
Sorry for the inconvience, if you know how I can get my user name and password fixed let me know. One last thing what trail are we leading on Sun.?
Everyone who's going, register online or print out the registration form on the CA4WDC web page and send it in before Dec.15th.

If your not a member of Cal, send in your Cal membership monies along with however many people will be attending: ie. $40+ half price WFF entry fees per person.

Remember to write "Sunday Trail Crew" at the top of the form where it says "Committee:".

They've added a "Monte Carlo Night" to Saturday nights entertainment.