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2001 2WD XJ Project


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Picked up a decent 2001 2WD a couple years ago, seller said it needed a lifter replaced and included two (not 12??) with the deal. By the time it got paid for and ready to move, it wouldn't start. No fuel pressure at the rail schrader, I can hear the pump running. There is a small amount that comes out if you press the valve. I guess I need to drop the tank and replace the pump, regulator, filter. Any suggestions as to the best quality parts? I think I already have a Bosch pump, but the other parts will need sourced. ODO has only 125k on it, but given the door hinge wear and general condition, I'm not sure it's correct. Driver's rear door upper hinge has parted from the body. Are there reinforcement plates available for those?
Fuel pumps are very year specific for the late years. Ive had great luck with the Delphi's. The odometer should be correct unless someone changed the entire cluster as the mileage is stored in the cluster.