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Re: The Stupidist Jeep on the Planet

Ive still havent gotten over the fact that i went to a Indycar race last weekend, it was a blast! now to jeep stuff, got a good bit of stuff done, traction bar is done, lower piece is 2x2x.25 upper and crossmember is 2x2x3/16, shock hoops are in as well as shocks, gonna add a crossbrace between the 2 as well ass braces that conect to the wheel well. also did up bumpstops, lower piece is 2x2x.25 with some .25 plate, upper piece is 2 pieces of 2x2x.125 and a daystar bump

thats prob gonna be it for cool updates for while, working on getting a dd and other things have taken priority, maybee ill have it wheelable before snow hits
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