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Re: NWFEST from my point of view. EXTREME detail writeup

Originally Posted by redrider2911 View Post
I was in front of the pack for the most part of the trip and like I said I take responsibility that I was the one that asked the rest of the group to reconsider turning around at the first sight of a little snow. From there on out we made decisions AS A GROUP. There was only 4 rigs and it was easy to come to decisions between us. It wasn't 1 trail leader dragging 10 Rigs down a trail where they didn't want to go. In addition we told Dustin we were planning on making the ridge via 676 then follow the trail to the back side of the rocks. I still had a blast and plan on making a similar run next year now that I can navigate the actual trail better. I doubt that it will be during NWFEST though and probably with rigs that aren't concerned so much about a little body damage.If you look at the GPS log there was alot of sitting around time talking and looking at maps. At least 3 hours could have been easily shaved off if we Wouk have picked up the pace knowing what we were in for.
Fair enough Chris the detail of it being a group call is important.