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All vehicles will be inspected prior to participating in any runs. If you want to ride with us, you have to at least meet these standards. You have lots of time to get this in order, so no excuses will be accepted.

1. At least one, visibly charged fire extinguisher (Type B:C, or A:B:C)

2. First Aid Kit

3. Adequate spare tire, Jack, and Lug Wrench

4. Safety belts for driver and any pasengers

5. Adequate attachment points in the front AND rear of the vehicle. Acceptable forms of attachment points are: Tow Hooks of OEM or greater integrity, D-Rings, Shackles or Clevis.

6. At least one, 20ft, 10,000 lb Snatch Strap WITHOUT metal hooks.

7. A properly secured Battery

8. All heavy objects inside the vehicle must be securely stowed and tied down.

Missing some of these? Then, get your butt in gear and get some! You have several months!

* * * * * *

In addition, we have some SUGGESTIONS for further enhancing the safety and comfort of your ride:

A functioning CB radio - permanent or handheld (This one should actually be a minimum requirement, and it is highly recommended!)

Appropriate Tools

A 2nd Fire Extinguisher

Duct Tape

Rocker Protection or Armor

Skid Plates (at least Transfer Case and Gas Tank)

Tires in Good Condition (especially sidewalls) Note: AT's are usually better than MT's for this terrain.

One Gallon of Water per person

Hi-energy snacks

Critical vehicle fluids (engine oil, ATF, Coolant, Gear Oil) Gasoline only in approved, well mounted EXTERIOR containers. Better choice: make sure you are FULL before you start the trail (Ask me how I know)

Hi-Lift Jack

Spare Parts (especially hoses and belts. Machined parts if you REALLY are concerned)

Tarp, spare rope

Emergency Signaling devices

Detailed Topo Maps / GPS

Change of clothing/shoes, warmer outerwear, blanket.
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