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X-Bull Traction Boards Mounting


You Guys ROCK!
Spring Creek, NV

X-Bull now includes mounting hardware with their sets of traction boards. Seems that wasn't the case in the past.
All-thread with jam nuts, washers and the hand twist black knobs with black plastic plates to tie the holes on each end together.

I just installed one of 2 sets on my OEM roof rack on the XJ. Figure it saved me about $800 I was about to spend on a JCR Adventure roofrack and accessory mounts. Although the X-Bull might not be the best on the market, I got 2 sets for under $200 whereas MaxxTrax are close to double that for one pair. If I bust them or they get swiped cheap replacement.

Wasn't planning on a load up there anyway. And a weight savings by eliminating carrying tire chains on most excursions (yup, tire chains).
Will add a couple Quik Fist clamps for a shovel and that's about it.