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1992 XJ 4.7 Stroker- $3000-4000


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Monterey, CA
Guys, I am coming to a harsh reality that my days with the Red Rocket are over. I have no foreseeable timeline for finishing my ideal build, or even when I will get to use the Jeep again. On top of that the tow pig I bought to haul the Rocket is starting to cost me a small fortune, so I think its time to get out underneath it all and reduce my expenditures by selling both (anybody want a F350?) and get back into one vehicle that does all.

The Rocket is currently in TN with Tyler. The goal was to have him gear and lock, build a rear traction bar, 3 link long arm and cage. I sold the MJ, those funds are currently with Tyler. If you just want the Jeep, its $3000. Buy the Jeep and “store credit” at Rock Solid for $4000, basically giving you $500. The Jeep has a salvage title from theft damage to the steering column (replaced before I owned the jeep) but clean clear and ready to be yours.

1992 XJ
The big stuff:
4.7 Hesco stroker with RVOB cam
3.5"(?) exhaust from the manifold back, flowmaster 40 series muffler. For those who haven't heard this motor before... it’s nice.
AX-15 NP231
D30 non disco 3.55 open diff, new ball joints, I think TREs are decent. Has ZJ tierod.
D44 3.55 LSD Crown Vic disc brakes. Never have set up the emergency brake.
Rear drive shaft is a weird mutt with a slip and double cardon. Honestly I cant remember if I put a front driveshaft back in or not, it may need one.
6.5" Rough Country short arm lift. Full leaf packs, adjustable short arms, blah blah... yall should know what these kits include by now or can look it up.
36" TSL Radials. They are trail sets, decent tread that is cut up and chunked from use. Have 2 spares, so 6 altogether. Sitting on 15x7 rims and wheel spacers, poor mans beadlock? I have yet to bust a bead on the trail no matter the tire pressure.
Factory spare tire carrier. This poor thing is a little tired. It's carried a 31" forever, which is definitely the limit of its capability.
Sliders. Rear cut and fold. fender trims and all that normal stuff. Front hooks, rear hitch.
Last time I gave this Jeep a good overlook it had no rust. Years ago when I ripped the interior out I ground and treated or cutout and fiberglassed any floor rust.

The interior:
Newer carpet, Black leather power seats, replaced headliner, overhead console and my own interpretation on mounting a sound bar, sound bar will sag in one spot. Moved it up behind the front seats to aid in music volume when the doors are off. Oh yeah... all 4 doors come off. You can even keep my super special rock shift knob. I know... I'm throwing it all in.

What it needs:
Transfercase linkage. I broke the stock, ripped it out, haven't installed new one yet. Go with Boostwerks or something similar. Still has the lever just missing linkage.
It needs a rear traction bar. Wraps the rear axle with ease, destroying driveshaft ujoints and yokes in the process.
Taurus cooling fan is controlled by a super fancy switch on the dash because I never got around to installed a temp switch. In fact I think the cooling fan is still held in by numerous zipties, so you probably want to permenantly mount that as well.
No radio. snagged it for another Jeep and never replaced it.
This is all off of memory. There isn’t a bolt on this Jeep I haven’t touched at one point or another. It has SEC history and has been around for a hot minute. I’m sure I’m forgetting little stuff and probably something big here or there, positive or negative.

Here is one picture of its most current state, I'll provide what else I've got when I have the time.
Picture not working for me. Wish I had the cash I'd be heading to TN.......
Man I do wish I could figure out a way to snag the rocket

I sent you a message on the face space, I lost your number 2 phones ago I think
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I'm interested in the block and trans, if you're parting.
I'm interested in the block and trans, if you're parting.

Block and trans are $3000 and come attached to an XJ.

The Jeep isn't with me to deal with parting out, nor do I want to do that right now.
so...92....should be a non-renix, non-HO system right ? or was it changed when the stroker was put in ??
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so...92....should be a non-renix, non-HO system right ? or was it changed when the stroker was put in ??

It was, and still is an HO. OBD-I is, in my opinion, the best fuel management for a stroker in a Jeep. It has the right sensors and adaptability to fuel the motor on it's on (Oh yeah, it has 24lb ford injectors), but doesn't cause problems like the OBD-II does. Further tuning can be done with an wideband O2 sensor (already has bung welded in exhaust) and an Apexi SAFC II (modifies the MAP signal to the computer).

Things remembered or have been updated through Doug:
**The Rocket doesn't have the 36" TSLs, actually has the set of 33x12.50x15 MTRs from my old Comanche. Not even 5,000 miles on those tires and one trip to Harlan that I only ran the main trails. These are much better tires for the current state of the Rocket.
-24lb ford injectors
-Bored throttlebody
-Brake fluid leak. One of the hoses on the rear axle broke right before I left the east coast. So no pressure in the brakes right now. Easy fix.
-Its going to need a good cleaning. Knock the cob webs off. Such is the attrition of sitting waiting for attention.
-The Rocket is on the brink of full trail rig status. It can be brought back to DD or weekend warrior life, but know that it will take some time and money invested.
-Total shop credit with Tyler is $1200. Still buy it for $4000 to include shop credit.



Condition of the stroker before install. Ignore the Fram, that was used as protection during breakdown and paint.

Here is an older picture to show what the Rocket is like on 33"s. Note all the roof stuff is gone, more pictures, older picture!
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The Rocket is sold.