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wtb rear dana 44


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summerfield NC
im looking for a rear dana 44 for my xj to replace the turdyfive thats back there now im looking for one that came out of either an xj or mj so i wont have to do too much fabbing if it has a locker great if it doesnt thats fine too just need to get rid of the 35 oh and reasonably priced remember im a highschool student :D
Are you set on a 44? A Ford 8.8 from an explorer is an easy swap and in my honest opinion, a better axle.
im not completly set on the 44 and what all has to be done to the 8.8 to get it to fit? would i just have to move the spring perches? and some other small things?
Look in the older model (I think 87-90 model) cherokees, go to a salvage yard and look for one with a tow package, if ya find one, jump under it and it should be a 44 with 3.55 gears (assuming its automatic) I been goin to salvage yards alot lately just been too damn busy to look for things, helping my buddy get springs for the van which never happened and getting other odds and ends.
This is exactly my point... Good luck finding one, they are pretty rare, and when someone does have them, they usually want an arm and a leg for one. In my opinion its not worth fooling with. Are the Dana 44s good? Yes, they are. I run them front and rear in my rig with 38's and I am happy with them (but not in a cherokee). However, for a Cherokee application, the 8.8 is really the way to go. They have axle tubes that are 1/2" bigger so they don't have bending issues, they come from the factory with disc brakes (and yes, your master cylinder and proportioning valve will work them just fine), they are the correct width, and they have the correct bolt pattern on them already. I personally don't see a reason to go with a 44 over the 8.8 other than it is not 100% bolt in. But from what you have said, I don't really think you care too much about that.
What year explorers have them? I kno I'll need new spring perches, shock mounts, and the yoke but is there anything else I'm missing? And what gear ratio do they come with?
I really apprieciate all the info Team willys
Look for a 95+ ( can't remember the cut off when they went with IRS) with disc brakes; They can be had with 3.08, 3.55, 3.73 or 4.10 gears. I had a cheat sheet with all the door codes to figure out the gearing, but I would have to look for it.
Here you go:

Explorer 8.8 Axle codes

43 Open 3200 3.08
41 Open 3200 3.27
42 Open 4.10
46 Open 3.73
45 Open 3200 3.55
D4 Limited Slip 3200 3.73
D2 Limited Slip 4.10
L73 Limited Slip 3.73

Oh yeah, and if you do find the one you want double check the ratio by popping the cover, because you never know if an axle has been swapped for another.
Wow thanks a lot that's extremely helpful I'm gonna try to find one with a LSD in it and run that till I can afford a locker thanks
oh and if any one has an 8.8 they wanna sell hit me up I'm now in the market for one of them now lol