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wtb: portable air/ on board air


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im looking for an onboard or portable air system to keep in the jeep for airing up and down. anybody have one they want to get rid of i know its something most people who have wont want to get rid of but hey i thought id ask.
You should just make your own setup. its really not that hard if you use your AC compressor (that is if you dont mind not having AC!) If you wanna go that route start a thread and I'll help ya get it done! Most everything can be bought at local hardware stores.
I got alot of input from Backroads, and I am sorta simplifying the idea... I'll get some pics once I start ripping stuff out and connecting crap up. I sorta have a plan in mind, but I am kinda figuring it out as I go.
sounds good right now my rig is having some problems i have to fix a leaking axle seal both leaking diffs and an output seal. so its not really going to be moving anytime soon. but i am still interested in either getting onboard air or building my own but yea id appreciate ideas.and pictures