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WJ conversion issues

OK, so, I have the knuckles with the jks spacers welded to them, calipars, and re-drilled rotors. The knuckles bolted up fine but im having issues with the calipers lining up with the rotors. the calipers seem to be about 1/5 inch inboard of the caliper while the caliper is sitting flush on the hub. not sure what to do about this. I called JKS and they have never had this problem. any have a idea? Thanks.
the rotors are now spaced a 1/4" out further then where it was on the caliper. ive heard of people running redrilled wj rotors but i used the sport trac rotors instead
You run 01+ unit bearings, and put a .080 to .120 spacer (just a grade 8 washer..) between the caliper and caliper mount.