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Why no upper arms?


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My question is this. I am considering getting the RE 3.5 lift kit. Actually the DPG hybrid 4" which is based on this kit. So why doesn't this kit come with upper control arms? Wouldn't the stock arms be too short and cause caster issues? Would it be adviseable to upgrade and get some upper arms as well. I guess the adjustable ones would be the best bet. Those with the 3.5" kit, have you had any problems with alignment/ caster?
not having the kit i can't specifically say, but the caster can be adjusted w/ lower arms (assuming they are adjustable)
as w/ my hybrid, Rusty's/RE/junk-yard/Ghetto-booty-Fab, lift my Lower arms are Fixed and my uppers are Adjustable, on 1 set of your control arms need to be adjustable to set the correct caster,
your coils maybe off-center front or rear a fuzz but it can be set correctly..
I'm pretty sure they don't include the upper arms just to make it a bit cheaper. The stock lower arms really limit your flex, while the stock uppers don't seem to as much. Your lift will work just fine w/ your stock upper arms. Also, since the kit is designed to work with stock length uppers, I'd get stock length replacements if you decide to. You might want to if you're going to wheel it hard. I had a buddy break 2 in half on a TJ w/ 31's!


The lowers are probably lengthened a bit if they are RE arms... and he's right.... as long as you have uppers or lowers either adjustable or extended a bit... you're good. And with 3.5-4" of lift you should be ok. I rad all stocks on 4" and I managed till I upgraded.
I've done the RE 3.5 kit on both my daughters' XJs and they work just fine and the caster is good. They both run 31s. Good enough to do Pritchett Canyon in Moab.
Caster is fine with that kit, the only issue I have is with front pinion angle, vibes a bit in 4FT at highway speeds...I bought some adjustable UCAs used though, and will try to mitigate pinion angle and caster to some happy medium...hopefully I won't cause lots of DW issues by doing this, if I do, I guess I'll just go back to "stock" length and replace U-joints every once in a while
I know money is always an issue, but why would you short change your XJ's performance by not using an longer upper control arm? There are plenty of companies out there that offer adjustable uppers anywhere from $149 to $300. If spending and additional buck-fifty is going to give me more articulation and longer tire life it is well worth it.

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