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Who wants my jeep


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Ive had the urge for awhile to do a big project. As some know I live and work in the dirt.
So the next step is to build a 359 why 359. For me its about the worst truck for visibility im short, because its cheap it runs well and can make money moving earth and machines. I like projects.

This is my Vision, the truck pictured with the right trailer can legaly go 105k in idaho. Id imagine the excavator pictured is grossing over 105 wich is legal with right permits money.
Or just dont get caught wich happens every day. Bigger and bigger machines moving latly

So sell the jeep ford bike welder wait not welder and make it happen

With lots of elbo grease and time a project like this can happen for what people pay for new diesel pickups that have little use to them and make them no money

An old 3406 cat can be inframed for around 3000 and put out anywhere from 250 -500horse depending on how its set up. Thats like 2000 ft lbs at the 500 horse side.

My pipe dream just saying

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