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Hitch Stinger Storage


NAXJA Member
I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but I have issues with trying to store my hitch stingers. They are heavy. They don't stack. They don't nest. And the one I need always seems to be at the bottom.

To make things worse, I added a receiver mount winch into the equation. It may weigh more than all my stingers combined.

The older I get the less I like moving these things around.

I think this will help:


Just sitting loose in the bottom goes my 1-into-2 adapter and my weight distribution hitch:


The winch gets rotated ninety degrees and stood up in the back:


And then I can fit 4 different stingers along the front:


That gets most of the mess under control. The load bars don't fit, but they will hang on the wall right where this tray lives. My pintle hitch is also left out, but that one doesn't come into play very often. A bigger tray is not an option on account of where this needs to fit. There is not much room left over here:


Note also that the Curt stinger with the long drop is not fitting well on its post. All the old stingers are dropping right on, but the Curt is requiring that I clean up the inside of the stinger. I have run across this before. I think they are no longer saw cutting the tubing, but rather shearing it, and I think this gets the tubing out of square. Usually 1-1/2" square thinwall tubing will fit inside a stinger, but it seems a problem with current production. And of course solid bar stingers would require the same tubing that is used for the receiver on the vehicle (flash cut 2-1/2", 1/4" wall).