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Who else


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This has happened three times now, last two times was about eight months ago. I get in my 99XJ to leave out of the mountains today and notice my air bag red light is on and my tack and speedometer is not working so I once again push on the cover to the gages and everything starts working and the air bag light goes off. Has this happened to anyone else? and why. Thanks
Yes there is a TSB 08-15-99 addressing this. It involves replacing the right cluster connector with a revised one (5016261AA) and cleaning the black oxidation marks on the other terminals. Some others have twisted the pins on the back of the cluster slightly for a better connection also.
Well, your 99 is out of the warranty so you option is to get the connectors done at the dealer or remove the dash your self, pull the connectors on the back, clean them up with electronic spray cleaner, tweak the pins just a bit so they hold tighter and put it back together.
Also down by your left foot is a big box with a bolt thru the center, thats where the main harness comes thru the fireall, check to see if that center bolt it tight. Mine was loose and the connector was only held on by friction.
Very good, thankyou I had no idea there was a problem back there
Actually you still might want to hit the dealer..... depending on how good they are they might take care of it for you. Of course be polite and tell them that you have this problem and that you are aware of the TSB and that you know couple other people that have had that same problem and as this is a part that shouldn't wear out as it doesn't (shouldn't) move you'd appreciate it if they could tell you what are your options......

It's always worth a short :)
Any out of warranty goodwill repairs are going to be based on a few things. First did you buy the vehicle from them ? , Are you the original owner ? , and Do you spend money there having it serviced ?. Otherwise just do it yourself and save the hassle.