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Cherokee xj 1998 mexico type Big problem


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good day my cherokee xj when it's cold has a problem When I leave my house with very little throttle, it generates a backfire in the air filter. It also gets as if some pistons are not working and it gets drunk. But if I accelerate fully, the truck returns to normal. and nothing happens when hot, just that I notice that it has no power. listen to opinions???
Is the Check Engine Light ON ? Have you used a trouble code reader to see if any trouble codes are present ?

When my 1999 XJ Cherokee had similar symptoms, the Coolant Temperature Sensor was faulty. Check the sensor wire plug and wires for damage first.
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No light on.misfire Code yes
Throttle position sensor is going to be your number one suspect for those symptoms. Check with analog multimeter or just replace. They will go bad from looking at it funny.
Did you use genuine Mopar sensors?