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which Optima?


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bay shore, ny
I'm going to install a Hellroaring isolator and Optima battery, primarily as a start-up backup, but it may see some use helping out the alternator when the stereo is cranked.

Not sure which color to use, also, should I get one with an application to a larger vehicle (mounting space doesn't matter) or does this not matter?



good to see you are still here after all these years.

no matter how kickin your stero is, it probbaly won't have much effect ont he alternator.....

I would just stick to a good ole' red top. Your needs don't seem to warrent the more expensive yelow top......unless yer gonna do extended "engine off" kickin.

whaddya been up to crazy man?

hey, saw your picture in that 4wd newsletter a couple of months ago

remember when i called you up for help back in like '99 when i did my 242 sye? i had no idea that i had to mess with the planetary gears, and YOU walked me through it. using grease to hold the needle bearings in place surely did the trick. the tc had been rock solid since. thanks............

i bought a trutrac, auburn, 4.10's and all the tools last summer, but school crept up on me and i didn't get to do the job. this summer they'll go in for sure, just waiting for my girlfriend to go to nyc for a few days to visit relatives and i'll have her pos ten-year old camry to fall back on till the job's done.

cool to talk to you, stay vertical, gimme your address again and i'll send you some ny microbrews!

you can e-mail your micro-brew to :

[email protected]!

Aw yeah, I think we may have exchanged lager recipes haven't we?

I remember posting a couple since I knew we had a few homebrewers in our group.

damn, been a while since I boiled wort....

gotta get a nice easy-drinking lager going....

I have a dyno-mite recipe too, a fellow brewer wrote this one, he calls it "Jim's Sunday Lawnmower Lager".....best damn lager I've ever tasted, I've done at least three batches of it.
Just finished cleaning up the kitchen after brewing up a robust brown ale. Got an amber bubbling away in the closet. Lagering the summer time lager and a scotch ale (tried peated malt for the first time) should be ready by the end of the month.
Jeeps and homebrew... I knew this site was dyn-o-mite!
Post that lager recipe on the non-tech forum if you would (unless it's a closely gaurded secret). Though I think I'm done with lagers for the summer. Can't talk my wife into paying to keep the apartment at lagering temps all summer long here in Reno. :D

And to keep this post on topic: go red top if you're lookin' to back up your starting ability.
I used the Hellroaring dual battery system :) I listened to Mike at Hellroaring, a great guy, when he suggested using a combination of a yellow and a red top. The yellow being the one you would use when running accessories with the engine off. Good Luck.

I have the same question about which battery to use- I have any audio amp and also a converter that pulls enough to run a air comp. for air tools. Also I plan on buying a winch at some point. Should I use the blue top or is that just for boats and such?
I'll look for the Lawnmower recipe, and we should get a new thread started so we don't trash this one (if its not too late)

I wanna get a lager started so it will be ready nine months from now!

otherwise, i wanna do an Anchor-steam-alike for moab....

There's sooooo bany good steam-alikes.....

The early part of March I was back on LI to pay my respects to both of my parents.
I did a telephone number search with the help of a willing operator and left a message on an answering machine that I thought was yours.
Guess we missed talking with each other.

OOPS.... To make this a tech post; I have a Optima Red Top in my XJ and it has been warranteed once by 4 WPW due to a toasted battery. Otherwise I like it a lot.