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Which OME suspension to use: JC1B, JC1A or JC2A?


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First off, great site and great information.

I have read everything I could find on the OME systems. Conclusion: great for daily driver, if you have the money, definitely the way to go. My question is how to determine which "duty" rating to use? It seems the OME suspension comes in three varieties: JC1B(light), JC1A(medium) or JC2A(heavy). I use my XJ as a part-time daily driver/snow driving and will be doing some muddy off road and "friendly" trails. Is the heavy version strictly for XJ's with aftermarket bumpers, winches, 300lbs of supplies and spare tires? If I put the heavy version on an "unloaded" XJ is the ride going to beat me to death?

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96 XJ Sport 4dr
I have had the JC2B HD Expedition leafs and they sagged after a few month and they only gave me 1" lift. I thought the HD ones must give the most lift but I was wrong. They were too soft and the 31s rubbed all the time.
even in curves on the street.

After that I installed the JC1A and they were much better and gave me about 3" lift. They were great on and offroad but I wanted more lift so I recently installed the OME AAL and a longer shackle and I´m at 5" now.

I think I´m happy with this setup for the next few years.... or month.... or :gag:
For the amount of lift and your intended usage of your XJ I'd give the Rubicon Express 3.5" lifts a serious look.

When I first got into XJs I fully intended on going OME because of good experiences I had on other vehicles but ended up RE instead after doing a bunch of research.

Sagging springs and bang for the buck seems to be what stands out in my memory.

YMMV and all other caveats apply.


Sagging springs and bang for the buck seems to be what stands out in my memory.
That about sums up my experience with OME leaves.

Bought JC1B leaves (2") to replace really bad stock leaves, they sagged back to stock height within a year. Contacted OME and got a run-around with their warranty service (long story...). Bottom line is they gave me a good deal on JC2A leaves (3" HD). Those leaves sagged to 2" lift, and that's where they are now after a year.

Now I know a lot of people are happy with OME leaves (and I'll be honest, I like the ride), but IMO they are not worth the $$ and headache of sagging. I still have the JC2A leaves with a 2" shackle, but after helping a friend do a partial dakota leaf lift for 3" on his XJ, would have much rather saved around $400 and done that.

As for both leaf packs in an "unloaded" XJ... they ran nice. In fact, I wouldn't reccomend OME leaves unless you usually drive unloaded. If you're going to have any tools or extra weight in the jeep, I'd consider doing the OME AAL right away do help counteract sagging before it starts.

I have just installed a OME and JKS combo on my 99. I used the heavy leaf pack and then an additional add-a-leaf. All OME with the longer shocks. The lift is about 3". I may add a spacer in the front after I install a bumper and winch. The ride is stiffer, but not bumpy or overly harsh. Mine is a DD and I am adding 31" tires this week.

Run a search using OME and you will find much info. Then call Dirk at DPG and discuss your interest. He carries OME and Rubicon and thus talk about the differences. http://www.dpgoffroad.com/