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A long overdue 'Thank You' to all forum members!


NAXJA Forum User
London; UK
(Apologies in advance if I've missed a 'newbies introduce yourself' section on the forum and if I have, please do redirect me! )

I tried to put my time 'WFH' to good use during lockdown here in the UK and have been sorting those minor, but nonetheless irritating, jobs on my 1996 XJ Limited (RHD model as it's a European market model).
As ever with an XJ this process leads to new jobs and solving new issues. It also reminded me that after 'inheriting' my black 1996 Limited back in 2016 I found this forum and the knowledge of it's members invaluable - other fora (?) exist with their own 'wise heads' but NAXJA consitently provides the goods for a novice spanner twirler like myself who needs 'For Dummies' instruction.

Over the last 3 years of getting my '96 to provide reliable transport I have:

- sorted overheating issue (thoroughly flushed cooling system)
- sorted stalling; no start issue (new CPS)
- sorted idling; rough running problem (replaced all sensors on throttle body .. and yes, Mopar where available!)
- sorted rubbish headlamps (separate wiring loom)
- fixed disintegrated headlamp switch bezel (that was satisfying!)
- replaced dash lamps with LEDs
- replaced suspension with OME kit
- replaced fuel pump/sender module (it's a '96 so a unique proposition!)

etc. the list is long.

I can't claim to have done the heavy duty stuff which is where an excellent local mechanic comes into play but anything that can be done in limited space on the road outside is down to me.
But that has only been made possible by you guys (and gals) so 'thank you' :thumbup:
(I would name check but cannot find the list I made of particularly 'wise heads').

By way of a small 'thank you' I'll shortly be paying my subscription fee even tho' getting to a chapter meet from the UK might be a challenge but maybe one day ...