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where would you get...


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where would you get your braided brake lines, on line or local?
if you recomend local, where in the san diego area makes them?
if you recomend on line, whitch site(s) do you recomend?
for the best deals would you mix and match from site to site ( distributor to distributor )

rustys has front lines for $30 but it does'nt say for the pair or each ( if it is a pair i found my lines) and the rear for $60
rough country has the rear for $29.95 and the front for $59.95 and still no mention of weather it is for the pare or each
RE website was not on line when i was looking this morning.

i found a few on line but being the bargan hunter i thought i would ask, by the way, with the 7.5" in the rear and the 7.0" in the front i cant just use the TJ/YJ lines, they nees to be longer by about 4" than those.

i wish i knew how to make this a survey

you really need to do a search and research on this one, there have been some issues with the ss lines not holding up. Also most that I have looked at are not dot approved if that means anything to you. Personally I would go with a reputabel company that sells alot of them and has no complaints. Try a search on the rec.willys newsgroup and seach for 'stainless steelbrake lines', then start reading. I would approach this one with caution, the brake and steering systems are not something to be taken lightly.
Just get some rubber lines for a 95 YJ, they will have plenty of length and are alot cheaper, and better imo, I got frts and rears from 4wd.com for 42.00 to my door.....
since your in good ol SD. take a trip over to the industrial liquidators on Convoy. bring a stock line with you. they will put a set together for you as you wait. whatever length you want. cost is good. and they are DOT approved.
theres guy on perate that sells ssbraided kevlar lined lines at any length you want with any fittings you want. he has really good prices. mine for 8" of lift with shot lines for the rear discs (5lines total) was only 150 to my door
speedwaymotors.com has realy cheap stainless steel lines, i bought some from them for my cj when i broke one of the old ones, i think i paid 13 apeice for 26" lines. im pretty sure they had adapter fittings to go from the an3 or an4 line ends to whatever u needed to mate them up. does anyone know what size the fittings are on the lines stock?

I just installed a set of Crown Performance in my Wifes TJ... They are really great... Kevlar lining, SS outer and a UV clear coat. I ordered them through Quadratech...
make your own...

buy a hand full of fittings and a length of SS hose and crimp away!

^^^exactly why no one will EVER buy my heep^^^
XJ_ranger said:
make your own...

buy a hand full of fittings and a length of SS hose and crimp away!

Not recommended. Brakes are not an area to scrimp on.