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Whats next?

Fred, we are doing something when the 20th celebration takes place.....we're going to Moab.

Better get you're reservation at Slickrock Campground.
For those who cannot make it to Moab, Earle from RI will be putting together another wekend of trail riding in the Mohawk Trail (No. Adams, MA/southern Vermont) area for Columbus Day weekend. In fact, he and BokenXJ are planning to do some trail scouting this coming weekend and anyone who is interested is welcome to tag along. Contact Earle <[email protected]> for more info.
Re: mohawk trail

rockreadyxj said:
Eagle that sounds like a good run to me I have yet to get on that trail I heard theres alot of mud?

Is that a definate thing?

Yeah, Joe -- Earle has been doing that on Columbus Day weekend for several years, even before he joined NAXJA. Contact him directly for more info, or we'll post more as we get closer, but I'd say it's definite. The turnout was disappointing last year, so I hope more of our members make it this year. There's a variety of trails up there, and if we get enough response he can put together a run for mild/moderate vehicles and another for more hard-core types.